The Video

Hi friends! Long time no chat. For Christmas this year, I finally put together a video of the trip. Now that Dylan's seen it, it's time to share with the rest of the class! Check out everything from the trip our words couldn't describe below:

In hindsight, there were obviously a ton of things I wish i did differently when i sat down with all the footage to put this together. I wish i was in more footage. I wish there were more shots of us together, more shots of us smiling, which we did a lot. I wish i used my DSLR more -- the majority of the stuff in there was shot on iphone (which honestly turned out VERY well) and gopro (which turned out less well but my gopro is old and weathered). I wish we got better weather but more than that i wish i was generally less terrified to use the drone in the weather we did have. I wish I was more mindful of frame rates, the shots I wanted, and holding the camera steady because wowee warp stabilizer can only do so much which is to say it cant really do too much at all ha ha ha. But ultimately I'm happy I spent more time enjoying the trip than I did focusing on capturing it beautifully. It took forever to edit but I was smiling the whole time :)

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